SVP100 2014

SVP100 2014

I have often read other people’s blogs and wondered to myself will I…should I…

I have gained a lot of knowledge and insight from other people’s writings so I have decided to give it a go for a couple of reasons:

  1. Whilst they are a narrative of an individuals run they also contain useful information that I can learn from to prepare me for ultra-running both physically and mentally; and
  2. It is a diary record of my own thoughts and feelings so that I can remember the good bits and learn from the bad.

I am an average runner…built for stamina and not speed; but, I love to run.

Since an early age I have been brought up with running. My father was a keen runner and race walker, covering distances of 100km’s back in the 1960 – 1990’s (before ultra-running started to become popular). When we were in Germany, from the age of 11, we would attend a “volkslauf” (fun run), most weekends, where there would be various distance races going on for all age groups and on completion you would get a medal.

All of my running prior to training for my first ultra, has been on the road (…hence the title…clever eh!) and only covered 5km, 10km and half-marathon distances. They were not formal races just training runs with friends at lunch-times and weekends where we would push ourselves. I had tried for a ballot place for the London Marathon and this would have been as far as I would have done if I had gotten in.

So, why do an ultra now at the age of 45? The “push” or rather the direction that I needed was Tim Lambert (http://fromsofatoultra.com). My Fiancée, Stazi, and Tim’s Wife, Solange, have been friends for years and it was not until Easter 2014 that Tim and I actually met when they came to stay with us. He was just recovering from the South Downs Way (SDW50) and we went for a run and discussed ultra-running. He really should get a job at the Army Recruitment Office…numbers would soar!

On the back of our discussion I had a look to see if there were any ultra’s near-by in Suffolk and discovered the Stour Valley Path 100KM (svp100.co.uk). I messaged Tim to see if we could meet next time he was in the London office to go through training, kit and suitability…..unfortunately he wasn’t available but his response was:

“Awesome – would love to do the SVP but will be on holiday in Portugal…so not that unfortunate. Meet next time I am in London but get yourself signed up to SVP in the meantime!”

This was the start of my ultra-journey.

I hope that other runners will find my collected thoughts, race and kit reviews informative, supportive and entertaining.

Wishing you all the best with your running and goals, Peter.